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The KX450 is the cornerstone of the KX Sub-Brand for Kawasaki. Eli Tomac had just won the championship so our Unrivaled campaign lined up perfectly, it was a perfect storm. The bike had been completely redesigned from the ground up to outperform all competitors, so the campaign spoke to both the bike and also Kawasaki's race efforts.

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I directed this commercial at Eli Tomac's ranch in Colorado utilizing a three camera team. I wanted to incorporate super slow-mo to showcase the bike's details, so we shot a handful of the scenes with a Phantom high-speed camera. My goal was to get the Phantom up in the air to get a unique perspective for certain shots. In order to do this we had to build a custom drone, capable of lifting the heavy camera. The results were definitely worth the effort, a lot of the shots in this spot are one-of-a-kind.





Working with world-class athletes Eli Tomac and Jeremy McGrath, combined with a stellar photo team pretty much guarantees amazing photos. We shot the new KX450 with a singular goal of capturing images that would make people want to stop and stare. We produced some of the best MX photos I've seen in the industry on this production.





We shot for three days in Colorado on this production. We delivered photos, an ad spot, three tech videos and social content. Morning temps in the low thirties made for challenging first shots, but we rolled with it. Attaching a massive Phantom camera to a custom built drone was no easy task. We worked for weeks with a specialized drone team before the shoot to bring this goal to fruition. Combo that up with two other dedicated camera teams and you have the making of one impactful ad spot.