When Kawasaki briefed us on an entirely new sub-brand to be launched for 2020, we knew we were in for an exciting challenge. It was a career defining opportunity to create and nurture a new brand from scratch and we didn't take it lightly. After eleven months of planning and preparation, we finally introduced KRX to the world.

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Two teaser releases, one launch spot and nine tech videos made this campaign one of the largest we had ever worked on. There had been rumors about Kawasaki releasing a sport Side x Side for years leading up to this so when we launched the two teasers, the media pounced on them immediately. They generated interest and prepped the market for our upcoming launch. I wrote this ad spot and it was unique in the sense that it didn't mention one thing about the model. Our intent was to excite and engage viewers with an experience, then push them towards the tech video series to educate themselves on the new model. There was so much unique tech crammed into this vehicle that we couldn't cover it in just one video.





Our goal for the photo shoot was to showcase the KRX and its capability, while also highlighting the amazing places you could go. The campaign was just as much about the adventure as it was the vehicle, so every photo we captured needed to look like an image straight out of National Geographic.



We shot at two different studios in California and three locations in Utah for this campaign. The production covered photo and video and required over sixty people to execute including five camera teams and a two-man drone team. We utilized the most cutting edge equipment we could get our hands on including a Porsche camera car with Russian Arm, Phantom camera and a prototype Fujinon lens that hadn't been released to the public yet. The Utah terrain was unforgiving to say the least, pummeling us with dust, mud, rocks and extreme temperatures. By the end of the four day shoot we were exhausted, but the sense of victory was undeniable. The end product was a launch unlike anything the industry had never seen.





We launched the KRX at a massive Kawasaki dealer and media event in Palm Springs, CA. This seven day event was an undertaking in itself and consisted of a demo course experience, stunt show, celebrity appearances and two waves of launch presentations. We teamed up with BI International to coordinate this event and completely took over the JW Marriot. I stayed in Palm Springs for 10 days to help prepare and launch this event. When we finally revealed the launch spot to over a thousand dealers and media representatives, we received a standing ovation. It was extremely rewarding to see our eleven months of hard work finally pay off.





We rolled out a comprehensive digital experience for this campaign including a teaser lead-generation portal, sub-brand landing page, model platform page, product detail page and interactive accessory builder. Every aspect of the experience was responsive and optimized for mobile viewing, guiding potential customers down the purchase funnel all the way to getting a quote and locating a dealer.






Social media was one of our most important tools for getting the word out about this amazing new vehicle. It allowed us to tease, launch and sustain the campaign to the largest, most engaged audience possible. Two separate teaser initiatives sparked interest and drew in a crowd. A fully interactive Facebook canvas experience educated viewers and funneled them towards dealers. Engaging and sharable social tactics sustained the campaign after launch, ensuring the interest stayed alive throughout the campaign life-cycle. Twelve months after launch, and the KRX was still top of mind to all our social followers.