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The KLX line is all about fun in the dirt, and up until this campaign, only offered kid-sized motorcycles. With the addition of these three new adult sized bikes, we needed to communicate the line completion and also convey fun for larger, more advanced riders.

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This ad spot was a blast to develop and shoot on-location. We utilized three separate camera teams, three drones and a UTV camera car. The spot was intended to engage viewers and make them want to get out and ride. We also wanted to show off the increased performance aspects of these more capable motorcycles.





Just like the ad spot, the photography for this campaign had to convey fun in the outdoors. The beautiful central California scenery made it easy to capture images that made you wanna get out and play.





We had the amazing opportunity to shoot at the Hearst Ranch in central California along with a private winery. The scenery was beautiful and so diversified that in the end, it looked like we had filmed in several locations throughout the United States. Both the properties were huge and underdeveloped so getting around was tough with the large crew. We utilized multiple production 4x4 Mules and dirt bikes to get around the challenging trails in a timely manner. This treacherous terrain made for some interesting new challenges, but we rolled with it and completed the shoot with everything we needed on time.





This campaign launch was a line completion for the KLX sub-brand. Before this, there were only smaller bikes for kids. With the introduction of these three new higher performance adult bikes, the line really had something for everyone. We developed a sub-brand landing page to showcase the full scope of the line and every bike it had to offer. We also built multiple top feature modules to educate and engage customers, which then led them to locate a dealer.