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In November of 2014, EVS launched the Web Pro Knee Brace. It was a top priority for me as it was EVS’ flagship product. First priority was to develop a launch sequence; a schedule of events and deliverables prioritized to support the launch. After this was accomplished, I needed to develop the marketing plan behind the launch. I conducted a competitive analysis of the Web Pro and its competitors in the market. I discovered that all the competitors in the market were releasing lightweight, flexible braces and marketing them as just that. The Web Pro wasn’t designed to be flexible, EVS already had the Axis Sport to fill that need. The Web was developed to be the most rigid knee brace on the market and offer the most protection possible.


Instead of joining the overused push of lightweight and flexible and getting lost in the shuffle, I decided to go the opposite route and push its strengths; rigidity and protection. After deep discussions with the product development team, I finally settled on the marketing vehicle we would use to promote this brace; “Industry First Twin Wall Carbon Fiber Frame”. This differentiating advantage was indisputable. No other brace on the market had a full carbon fiber frame with twin walls of carbon fiber separated by a lightweight core. This was a tagline we could get behind and push with confidence. The Web Pro isn’t for everyone. It’s for the serious motocrosser looking for the most protection possible.


Once I settled on the tagline, we hit it hard with press releases, magazine ads incorporating multiple athletes, 2 videos, social media giveaways, exclusive pre-orders and web banners across all platforms. The launch was a huge success, helping us sell through the first production shipment within the first week.

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evs_webpro_alexmartin_twmx_apr_spread_5 copy.jpg