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When Kawasaki Heavy Industries asked us to develop a campaign and direct a shoot in Japan for the return of the iconic w800, we jumped at the opportunity. The experience working in Japan during the four day production was nothing short of amazing.

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The ad spot was written specifically for Japan, but it also had to be effective for the US market. We wanted to tell a story about heritage and lineage and also give a nod to the original W1 motorcycle.





Directing the photo shoot in Japan was quite an experience. I wanted the photos to feel editorial in nature. The campaign wasn't about flashy features or cutting-edge performance, so the photos needed to convey a story of heritage and merit. With Japan's rich heritage and thousand year old sacred temples as the backdrop, it was hard to miss the mark.





The production itself was quite a challenge. The language barrier was obviously a factor, but besides that, literally every aspect of how the production functioned was different. For example, we couldn't use insert vehicles because most of the streets were too narrow. Instead we used a motorcycle with a side car for all moving shots. We also weren't allowed to close any streets or walkways so we constantly had to work around pedestrians which tested our schedules. Luckily we were able to stay on track and completed the shoot successfully.

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